Tuesday, 1 April 2014

From the type-in in Basel + a world exclusive…


(Er, oops: that’s Maschinengeschreiben. These German verbs, I tell you.)

Get up to speed with the events – and peruse the photographic evidence – at Georg Sommeregger’s blog, here: http://sommeregger.blogspot.com/2014/03/type-type-type-intercontinental-type-in.html


The above was typed on the Rhine – there was a bit of a race on to the end of the page; I cheated a little bit. The typecast below was typed while waiting for the boat to make out historic crossing:


Below: dispatches from two of the gathered agents –


It was well worth braving the slightly shorter night (day light savings came into effect, and affected the number of sleeping hours available) and the early Sunday morning to get the train to meet people who, previously, were just the mysterious figures behind blogs. Agent Z., too, who doesn’t have a blog, was also a pleasure to meet – although, I think he’s worried that I’ve started with typewriters so young.


Now, what’s this random picture of a Continental doing here? Long story short, I refer to it as my Inconvenience – I’m going to have to get it home from Germany. OK, so it’s a bit non functional (bearings need a bit of work and the draw band needs to be reinstated), but I just couldn’t leave it behind…

And then, I wasn’t allowed to live Switzerland without a Hermes Baby, either. The typewriter’s great (thanks Georg!) but now I have to get it home, too…




The above statement came about because we weren’t letting him go home without updating his blog; this was the next best thing and we relented. Besides, we had better things to do than to hold young Typosherians hostage.