Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New year, new experiences (eventually), new calendar (finally)



  1. That sounds like a wonderful adventure you have coming up. Two of our daughters also took advantage of the student exchange opportunity when they were in high school - one went to Holland, and the other to Denmark. They had great experiences, and both continue friendships they made there. I think any kind of travel like that is of huge value in learning that there are other cultures besides the one you were born into. And, yes, there will be a great opportunity to acquire typewriters not so readily available there in Canberra. I'm sure i'm not the only one of your readers looking forward to your posts from Germany! All the best wishes for a great 2014 from Cool, California, Jasper!

  2. Sounds exciting! Take a big suitcase with room for a few typewriters on the return journey. :)

  3. Your overseas adventure sounds very exciting. I remember wishing I could do that when I was your age as my friend from a neighboring city got to go to France for 3 months as an exchange student and then his family hosted the fellow from France. Being from a coal town and not as large of a school (besides lack of money) I was never overseas.

    It seems that you will be able to learn things 99% of the other fellows your age can only dream of learning. To live and learn about the local culture and traditions in itself cannot be learned by reading a book.

    Then there is the wonderful German food. I've not experienced it in Germany. I worked for Germans and often ate at their homes and the traditional food is fantastic.

    Now I hope I remember enough German. (I sometimes get confused with Pennsylvania Dutch and make mistakes)

    Gl├╝ckwunsch! Gutes Neues Jahr!

  4. I love how you say there isn't a riot in Germany. If there is one country known for their protests (mostly about privacy rights) it's Germany! Just two weeks ago a protests has gone bad in Hamburg. But nevertheless, it's amazingly cool to visit Germany for three months! Which part are you going to visit?