Monday, 30 December 2013

A dispatch from the first Canberra type-in

What follows is an unfinished dispatch from the first Canberra type-in, held yesterday, involving Mr Robert Messenger of oz.Typewriter, Mr Scott Kernaghan of The Filthy Platen, and me.

(A technicolour display of the three of us can be found at Robert’s blog, here: .)


The first part of the dispatch was typed on an Alpina, and then after that I’m not sure. Typewriters kept appearing in front of me and I was more than happy to use them. And whether the typecast makes sense or not is none of my business: coherent thought in the heat of a type-in isn’t always achieved.


  1. It looked like a ton of fun. And it might be fair to say three brilliant minds were in attendance...

  2. You're right. I did just keep getting machines that were in need of some serious extra love.
    That said, it was great to catch up with you. We'll meet again, I'm sure!

  3. You've both broken the No 1 rule: I have no dud typewriters and none of my typewriters are lacking love. Such ingratitude! Wait till I get at your collections!

    1. I'm sure we'll agree that they were only duds in the hands of Mr Kernaghan. In actual fact they were in perfect condition, but were rendered inoperable by the ineptitude of the operator at the time!