Sunday, 29 September 2013

Two-Tone Green Underwood Noiseless

Very occasionally an unassuming typewriter case up the back of a shop yields something very, very special. This was one of those cases.

Amongst an assorted collection of other typewriters, this typewriter was in its case up the back of a Melbourne second hand shop, on the outskirts of the CBD. Even in the dim light once the case was opened, what was inside seemed to glow.




However, having been bought in Melbourne, it had to be transported back to Canberra. First was the Melbourne Tram leg, then the air-port shuttle bus leg and finally the aeroplane leg. The first two stages were successful, however the third was nearly thwarted when the young fellow manning the x-ray machine at airport security decided that the ominous black case needed to be “checked out”. His supervisor appeared, an older man, who took one look at the screen and declared: “No problem, it’s a typewriter.” Typewriter Insurgency Mission: Get typewriter through airport security was successful.


There are a few little patches where the paint has rubbed off, and there is a little bit of internal rust, but neither of these slight imperfections takes away from the visual effect of this machine.





Serial Number: 735066


  1. Lucky bugger! As green as this machine with ENVY!!!

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  3. Gorgeous looking machine. And the Underwood version at that. Congratulations :)

  4. Ooooooohhhhhhh hello you sexy typewriter!

  5. That little beast puts my shiny noiseless to shame, great find!!

  6. Putting myself as you open the case in your place in the dim recesses of the shop the hairs on the back of my neck prickle. What a great find, and functioning well at that. Yes, the touch feels a bit odd at first, and you have to check to be sure the keys really are making an impression on the paper. But once you get rolling all is well. You've encouraged me to put my Noiseless (a boring black crinkle finish) into the letter-writing duty rotation today. I have a Remington, not a Noiseless, with that same color scheme somewhere among the poor beasties confined to the dungeon, the dim shelves and cupboards in the workshop where the crippled machines live out their days waiting almost hopelessly for me to arrive and bring them to life. Time to let that one see the light of day.

  7. Congratulations on such a wonderful looking machine! I've never seen a green Noiseless before.

  8. What a gem!

    ((Little do the security people know that the humble typewriter is at the vanguard of a global revolution...))

  9. Just what I have been looking for. Great find!,,

    Analog Communications

  10. Thank you to everyone who commented.

    And Robert, you know you've hit the jackpot when you make the owner of the largest Australian typewriter collection envious in stunning two-tone green.