Friday, 17 May 2013

The Cold, the Thinker, the Multicultural, the Bibliophile, the “Bi”-Lingual and the Rebel






  1. It's not necessarily better at 19...

    Where did that one sentence rule come from anyway?

  2. I say old chap, it's got to be below 20 right now in Queensland, someone fetch me the smelling salts!

  3. I think those 1-sentence ¶'s look great!

  4. Whoever told you one-sentence paragraphs are bad grammar is him or herself totally illiterate.
    That is to say, they have NEVER read literature.
    Please tell me they are NOT teaching English!
    One-WORD paragraphs are equally acceptable.
    See on my blog Malcolm Brodie's priceless three-word, three-sentence lede paragraph to his World Cup soccer report, Mexico City, 1970. I was using 10-word, one-sentence ledes back in 1967-68, on highly reputable newspapers I hasten to add, ones with really top class sub-editors (a now extinct species).
    By the way, Steve is taking the piss. Queenslanders ARE like that! But I can't say it has been cold enough here yet to stop me typing at 6am!

  5. Thank you Nick, Steve, Richard and Robert for your comments.

    Nick, I don't think it's a rule, more a superstition.

    Steve, good luck warding off the hypothermia.

    Richard, I couldn't agree more about 1 sentence paragraphs.

    Robert, I'm very sorry to say that this "teacher" teaches her corrupted version of English at a Year 11 & 12 level, and History to Year 9, 10, 11 & 12. I'm sorry to put you off your dinner like that.

    She's quite a fan of Dickens, too, so I might have to take in "A Tale of Two Cities". Starting with a very famous one sentence paragraph.

    And you must have a heater that gets turned on before 7AM if you're still typing early on.

  6. Absolute rubbish, that "one sentence paragraph" thing. You write quite well enough that should such a thing appear spontaneously in your writing and should it fit, it should be left as-is.