Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Corona 3 Case on the horizon and a call for assistance

There was only one thing to think about when we were told about Woodwork projects: typewriters

School started and so with it all the subjects that I’ll be subjected to (pun not intended) this term. Woodwork is one of them, and the project is one which we get to design. The sky, and time, is our limit. Fairly quickly the idea of a typewriter case appeared, and the Corona 3 was a prime candidate for a nice new box.

Half the portability of a portable typewriter is the case, and my Corona 3 (gift of Robert Messenger, but currently not working), I think, deserves one. And so, sketches ensued:


The case at the top is the only really important thing on the piece of paper. The typewriter with the arrow is trying to explain the idea of a folding typewriter, and the “Corona” down the bottom was just filling in time before lunch.

But this is the point where I ask for assistance from the greater Typosphere. I would be really grateful if anyone could email me photos of an original Corona 3 case, and, I’d be very thankful if anyone would take the time to make some measurements. If you would be so kind, please get in touch via email: jasper [at] grapevine [dot] net [dot] au , or leave a comment below.


  1. Good sir.... Why didn't you just call! I'll send you photos and measurements if you so desire. I've got two machines, and both cases are in full working order and in good condition. So I can provide you with potentially more - like the measurements of the hooks that hold the machine in place, etc.

  2. Mr Florian, you're fantastic. If I end up having to do some tech drawings for a modern replacement, or the original, I'll send them your way.

    And Mr Kernaghan: I don't mean to impede and barge in and ask for things all the time, but I'll be in touch.