Saturday, 26 January 2013

Typewriter Choices, Canberra - 1958

ct 26 may 1958 p5

The Canberra Times, 26 May 1958 – page 5

In a sign that I have too much time on my hands, I looked up “typewriter” in the earliest Canberra Times issues (1926 – 1958) and came across this advertisement. It isn’t very much but it’s interesting for a resident Canberra to see what was available in the way of typewriters years before he was around to find out himself. Now, pounds shillings and pence don’t mean much to me either, so below is their prices in today’s dollars, adjusted for inflation
Typewriter Australian Price Today American Price Today
Empire Aristocrat $922.86 $961.62
Hermes Deluxe $1087.15 $1132.81
Olivetti Lettera 22 $1160.15 $1208.88
Olivetti Studio 44 $1391.28


Hermes 2000 $1391.28 $1449.71
Remington $1453.50 $1514.55

These prices are making the dollar-figures attained on eBay at the moment look very, very reasonable. But we haven’t taken into account depreciation, yet, have we? Besides, it isn’t about the money for me anyway, not now. You can’t put a price on an ingenious piece of mechanical engineering and precision construction, still working perfectly half a century or more after it was made, can you?


  1. Replies
    1. You're right: It's making every typewriter I have ever bought look like an absolute bargain!
      Though, they were probably more expensive in Australia thanks to the shipping and transport costs.

  2. It's amazing so many people could afford them :D

  3. Wowzers!
    that's pretty amazing!!!
    And yes, I share the same sentiment of every typewriiter I have being a bargain!

    Though, the prices we're paying are for second, third and god-knows-how-many hand price....