Friday, 28 December 2012

Post Christmas Update

Christmas is the time for giving, and thanks to the fact that most people are giving, a fair bit of receiving happens, too.

Christmas got quite mad with stupendous amounts of stuff going on and things to be done. That’s why I seemed like a Grinch: why there wasn’t a Christmas post and why I wasn’t openly wishing everyone a Merry Christmas on their Typosphere blogs. I do all hope you had a Merry Christmas, and that the new year is a good one. Please note that I am not a Grinch.

For Christmas, my father made me a giant “Olympia” sign.


The Olympia sign is pictured with an Olympia SF just so you get some idea of the scale of it.

And my mother put together a typewriter repair kit. Full of all sorts of screw drivers and pliers with a bonus bottle of silicon spray.


I think that Mum put it together because Dad had most likely mentioned that he was sick of me stealing his screw drivers and rags and oil and everything else. Luckily I won’t have to now, and he’ll continue to hold onto his sanity.

Then, on Christmas Day, I won my first typewriter on eBay. It’s a Smith-Corona and I’m leaning towards thinking that it’s a Clipper. Of course, I don’t really know what it is, and if anyone can tell me I’d much appreciate it. But I don’t really mind what it is, after all it was a steal at only $5.50. A full post about this machine will follow.


And then – yes, wait, there’s more – on the day after Boxing Day we were heading to Sydney to have dinner with my grandfather for his birthday and, conveniently to pick up a Smith-Corona typewriter. In the morning, ten minutes before we were going to leave, the postie comes. A small United States Postal Service box. What does that turn out to be? Oh, a USB typewriter kit. Really? Had my parents read my mind? Christmas seemed to just keep going and going! And my parents were being too generous.

So the rest of the holidays will be centred around typewriters, electronics, and the four hours of soldering that will have to be done to put the USB typewriter together. Of course, a few weeks of thought will have to be put towards nutting out which typewriter I will “convert”.

In other news, Robert Messenger found another parts Hermes 3000 which he said I was welcome to. Now, I’m hoping, I’ll be able to put two together from three. But this is all just assumptions at the moment. A full assessment of the situation will have to be made when I can see them all lined up, so I can see what’s wrong with each one and what sort of Frankenstein work I can do to bring one or two back from the dead.

That’s my Christmas and the immediate days after for you, and I hope that yours was just as good.


  1. Thanks for this excellent report. The typewriter repair kit is a great present! My achievement this christmas was to write a lot of christmas cards on my typewriters - a very rewarding activity.

  2. Your Mum and Dad are very nice! Happy new year.