Friday, 14 December 2012

Let the holidays begin and bring on the typewriters

In the ideal world, I would have it so that we would cruise through the end of the school year and arrive at the last day without any stress. It would be a nice way to finish off, a nice way to farewell those that are leaving and to say “see you later” to those coming back next year.

It has not been like this at all.

Today was the last day of school here in sunny Canberra, and yet there were still people printing assignments in the library before school started. It was a mad house, just to get everything and done and finished – but it did get done and finished, so all ended well.

It was the last few weeks that kept me from this little measly blog. I’ve been madly writing assignments, finished off books, keeping track of assessable work. But now, for the next seven weeks, that is behind me. It isn’t to be worried about. It is now that I get the joy of thinking solely about typewriters for the next little while.

I have two projects for the Christmas holidays. Both machines belong to my teachers. One is an Olympia SM-3 that needs a good oil and service, the other is an Underwood 5 (I think, or at least I hope it is a five otherwise I’ll look very silly on a typewriter blog). The Underwood 5 needs quite a bit of work, but it should keep me busy. The SM-3 is destined to be given as a Christmas present from the teacher who owns it to his son. The Underwood 5 will most likely end up on a teachers desk in a Year 1 classroom next year.

Apologies for no pictures and yet another of a shocker of a blog post, but I felt like I should let my pseudo-faithful readers, you, know that nothing horrible had befallen me. And that I just had my inky fingers against a typewriter trying to get all that homework done.

Thank you, if you’ve made it this far, for reading.

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  1. Two classic and beautiful machine! Enjoy working on those!