Saturday, 22 December 2012

Is this survival?

The sun seeped through the venetian blinds this morning, and the room filled with warm light. Already one knows that it is going to be a hot day. The radio is still broadcasting, and the immediate hallway outside my door appears to be intact…

Is this survival of the apocalypse?

Have I really survived the whole event by going to bed on time, and not reading with a torch until the small hours? Was it that easy? Are you really telling me that I won’t have to trek out into the bush – Canberra, handily, is the “bush capital” – with a typewriter to record the last days as the threat of radiation comes closer? Are you telling me that all I have to do is get up today and potter around like normal?

Perhaps we overlooked what is normally the end of the world: Surely someone broke a nail yesterday, or dropped the toast – butter side down – surely someone made a typo on an important letter; surely all of those things happened and people though that they were each the end of the world.

The Mayans, maybe, were just having a go at us from beyond the metaphorical grave of a collapsed civilisation. Perhaps they knew that the “end of the world” to us is so small and insignificant they wanted to give us a jolly good scare. Okay – maybe the real end of the world is that there wasn’t really an end of the world and just lots of little things being labelled the “end of the world”.

Shouldn’t I be thankful that I’ve just survived something that could have spelled the end for the rest of the human race? No, I’m not really – I’ve survived plenty other apocalypse predictions in my short life time. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to try trekking off into the bush with a typewriter though…


  1. I think Australia is the only country to have survived. The rest of the world has been eaten by Andriod Fanboys.

    1. Aren't we lucky.
      "Advance Australia Fair...."