Saturday, 24 November 2012

What your typewriter says about you

It is said that teenagers – like myself – use music to identify themselves, much in the same way that adults use bumper stickers to identify themselves. Surely – and I might be on a limb here – typewriters could have the same effect.




The Olivetti Lettera 22 is a solid, reliable typewriter. A portable that can be relied upon in any situation. The Lettera 22’s owner would also be a solid reliable person, strong willed, but willing to work in any situation. They would be a person without any frills, nothing superfluous; just like their typewriter.



2012-11-18 18.08.37

The Olympia SM-9 is renowned for its light touch. The owner would be a person compassionate, and light on – they wouldn’t be pushy or try to grab attention. A quiet achiever, just like their typewriter.




2012-11-24 19.50.04

The Imperial Good Companion Model T is built like a tank, and can take most things thrown at it. It can be bent back into shape after a hard knock and will keep going just like it did before. It’s owner might seem tough on the outside, and a bit distant, but on the inside they would be a great big softy – easily approachable and a real good companion, just like their typewriter.



 2012-11-04 18.39.14

The Olivetti Valentine is all about form over function. Its owner would be the sort of person that is looking for the “look”, not the “feel”. They would be a person that is concerned about their appearance to others, and one who doesn’t use their typewriter all the time for what it was meant for – typing.




The Brother 215 doesn’t make itself out to be anything that it isn’t. It’s features are limited, but it works well. It’s owner would be the sort of person that wants a typewriter that just types. They might be a person that is easily distracted, and to help themselves they have a typewriter that doesn't distract from itself with looks or extra functions.




The Galaxie-Deluxe is for someone who wants to do everything. It is a typewriter where all sorts of heavy and light work can be done well. Its owner is probably a Jack of all trades. From letter writing, to scripts, novels to magazine features: they try it all, and their typewriter is up for every challenge, moving and growing with them.



 2012-11-11 15.10.45

The Olympia Traveller de Luxe is a typewriter whose owner likes something solid. It isn’t built like a tank, and really it might be a little fragile, but on the outside it gives the appearance of something that is tough. It’s owner might be a little heavy handed but their typewriter, with its heavy touch, can take it.



 2012-11-18 17.59.12

The Olivetti Lettera 32 is an everyman’s typewriter. Its owner mightn’t be anything special, or might be a hidden talent. Like the SM-9 and its owner, the Lettera 32 and its owner might be a quiet achiever, using a quality little typewriter to produce quality work.


POST SCRIPT: I know, I know. The pictures aren’t very good. Apologies, but my phone camera isn’t quite up to it. And using my other camera – a Nikon film SLR – is quite tedious to get the pictures online. So, I hope you can manage to feast your eyes, and get food poisoning, off my pictures. But I have tried to hide some of the imperfections by using black and white, but I know you’re more clever than that: you’ll see right through to the true colours, and imperfections.

Feel most welcome to add your own “What your typewriter says about you” in the comments.

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  1. My 2x Good Companions sold on ebay today.

    My typewriter says I'm a capitalist...