Sunday, 11 November 2012

Orwell’s Book Covers

I know this blog has the pretence as being a typewriter blog, but sometimes a little variety won’t hurt. I present some book covers – all from my own collection – of Orwell’s novels and books. I think what I like most about them is the contrast. In the differences between Nineteen Eighty-Four covers, especially; they all – except the Popular Penguin edition – have an image that you can relate to the book, but at the same time are quite different.

Besides, I think a collection of book covers always looks good together.


Image (3)Image (4)Image (5)Image (2)Image (6)Image (7)Image

Image (8)

Image (9)


  1. That first, Modern Classics cover for 1984 is a subtle one. Airport waiting room as totalitarian?

    1. It's one of my favourite Nineteen Eighty-Four covers out of all the published ones. It's subtle, I agree, but it's dark and has a spooky, vacant feel about it too.
      But yes, if they're were going for the airport waiting room, or dentist waiting room, they did forget to include the three year old magazines on a table somewhere...

  2. All my Orwells are the black bordered, heavy white type variety of your 1984 image just below A Clergyman's Daughter (which I'm in the process of re-reading. Except Down and Out, which I stole from my older sister. I suppose that dates the 'discovery' of Orwell to the 1970s when that series of covers was current. He's buried about 5 miles up the Thames from me at All Saints, Sutton Courtenay. But I couldn't find his grave the time I visited. If you like his writing or what he says, you might like his blog (old writers never die, they just get their words recycled):

    1. You sound like you'd know what you're looking for, but when you went looking for his grave were you looking for "George Orwell" or "Eric Arthur Blair"? I'm fairly sure I've read somewhere that he was buried as Eric rather than George, don't know why, though, as it makes it a lot harder to find him, doesn't it?
      Thank you, too,for telling me about this blog of his. He's pretty good at the whole IT thing for someone who died 62-odd years ago!