Thursday, 6 September 2012

Writing on the Wall

6-9-2012 -- Writing on the Wall

Reading that again, I fear that I may have likened the internet to a giant Facebook wall. It has all the hall marks of Facebook – writing on a wall, gossiping and people with shared interests. That isn’t what I meant, I hope.

I wonder if anyone will ‘like’ this post. Sorry, I know that was a shocker.

Composed on an Adler Gabriele 25


  1. Interesting metaphor. We usually think of the Internet as more of an open space than a wall, but I think your image works well.

  2. I used the wall because for me it is now about security, and having stuff behind the wall in 'secure' places, while public information remains on the outside.

  3. I like the paragraph "We don't blog about typewriters to rembember them, we blog about typewriters to keep them going." - this should be the motto of the typosphere!

  4. Thanks for a thought-provoking typecast. I'm always surprised at the slightly paranoid approach to online communities we sometimes have about security. As if our identities, web-use habits and virtual content were especially valuable or of interest to someone else. And if they are, so what? This is the wild west right? On a reprographics note, I your original jpeg is fine but you are asking it to become too big on the blog page to read easily. It is fuzzy because of upscaling: 403px × 800px (scaled to 540px × 1071px). Maybe you could upload 540px wide for complete viewing pleasure?

    1. I do apologise for the poor image quality. Who knows what happen when I rushed to upload the image at school, the bell ringing in the background, the internet connection going as slow as ever. Thank you for the advice, and in the future I'll pay a bit more attention to what I'm uploading.

  5. Welcome to the Typosphere, Jasper!

    In your previous post, you were wondering about sustaining content. You'll be surprised, there will always be more to blog about when you keep at it. Just recently, Florian (maschinenegeschrieben), who happens to be very young as well, celebrated his 400th post. Can you believe it?! The guy has been posting every single day for a year now.

    Anyway, you're off to a good start and do consider posting photos of your typewriters. I'm sure you yourself enjoy the typewriter images in other blogs. And feel free to comment on other blogs too, part of the fun is the exchange of comments and opinions, that helps keep the energy going.

  6. Content matters little, write about what interests you. If you haven't noticed there is a broad spectrum on the typosphere from technical information to personal rants. If you write what you care about, interested people will read it. I just show off my machines and say whatever I want, and I enjoy doing it.