Sunday, 30 September 2012

Security in Typecasts

30-9-2012 -- Typecast Security 
EDIT: As maschinengeschrieben  pointed out, this has already been discussed on the all-knowing Typosphere. My apologies for being behind the times, and not knowing it, and not bringing anything new to the discussion.


  1. We've discussed this topic already a few times, and the cinclusion is that at the moment, this might work, but it's only a matter of time until Google starts ocr-ing all images. Using a script typeface might give you some more time.

    1. A bit behind the times in my thinking - or at least missing important discussions, I see. I really should keep up.
      Perhaps messy handwriting will give you the most time...

  2. Handwriting is still very difficult for OCR, especially eccentric or sloppy cursive.

    I think script typewriting must also be fairly resistant to OCR.